Start Zones

Start Zones in Omaha and Lincoln were selected based on 1950s city limits and on developed areas with a large percentage of 1940s and older building stock. Other factors included a mix of residential and commercial buildings, concentration of active neighborhood associations, and consistency with each City’s individual redevelopment areas. In addition, reEnergize aims to incorporate neighborhood-scale redevelopment and capitalize on existing neighborhood communication mechanisms, including neighbor-to-neighbor messaging, and participant promotion.

Start Zones are the first areas of focus for the reEnergize Program. Residents and building owners in these defined geographical areas will have the first opportunity to enroll and participate. If you are in the Start Zone and are not a City of Omaha Employee, you qualify! Sign up today to get started.

As the reEnergize Program grows, so will the Start Zones.

Building energy smart communities starts here!

Omaha Start Zone:

Lincoln Start Zones:

If your residence does not fall within our start zones, please choose an evaluator from the list posted here and ask them for a reEnergize evaluation.