How To Grow a Window Herb Garden

Window Herb Garden

One of the healthy favors you could give yourself is cultivating a window sill full of nutritious and healthy herbs. All it takes is some patience, hard work and of course sunlight. Growing herbs is not always easy, but in a matter of just weeks, you could have herbs growing in your kitchen. Here’s how you do it.

Decide On Which Herbs to Grow 

It is impractical to expect heirloom tomatoes will blossom in your kitchen. Nevertheless, with carefully selected culinary herb seedlings, you will have something impressive to show and even brag about.

Easy to grow indoor herbs include; bay tree, chives, kaffir lime tree, lemongrass, mint, parsley and Vietnamese coriander.Oregano, rosemary and thyme are a bit difficult to cultivate but are excellent indoor herbs nonetheless.The hardest indoor herbs to grow are sage, cilantro and basil.

Choose the Perfect Spot 

Where you plan to have you, indoor herb garden must be a well-lit locale. Most herbs need at least 5 hours of sunlight exposure each day for them to thrive and do well. It thus is recommended that you choose a sunny window for the herb garden. Ensure that the site is warm through the whole day.

Choose and Ideal Container 

The container you will grow your herbs in should be large enough to allow sufficient root growth and development. It should also have adequate drainage holes to avert waterlogging. Get a tray to put under your planting pots and containers where excess water will collect.


Get high-quality organic potting soil appropriate for growing vegetables.Fill the planting container till it’s about 75% fullMoisten the soil but do not overdo it or let the ground become wet and soggyTransplant the plants into the container. Loosen the soil at their root base but be careful not to damage the rootsSpace the plants evenly and adequately in the planting pot or containerFill the planting pot or container with enough potting soil to cover the herbs to a level above the root ballWater well after you are done

Care and Maintenance of the Herbs 

Ensure that your plants never dry out by regularly watering them Clip your herbs regularly to prevent overgrowth and enhance healthy growth

Do not let your herbs grow too big; if they do cut off the blooms and clip the herbs back to about a third of their size


DIY Step by Step Process of Staining Concrete Floors

How to stain concrete floors

Compared to other coloring methods, staining provides a self-indulgent look for your floor. Instead of having a solid dull color, staining fills the concrete floor to imbue it with shining, semi-opaque shades which differ depending on the surface and methods used. Stains for concrete have two general types: chemical stains which are acid-based and acrylics which are water-based.

You can learn more about these two here:

We present you how to stain concrete floors which can imitate marble floors or stained wood.

Protect parts of the house from discoloration. To prevent smearing chemicals to unwanted parts of your house, cover the walls and lower parts of the cabinet with masking paper. Don’t forget to clean the surface before application.

Put together the acid stain. Make sure to do this process in a well-ventilated place, Wear all the necessary protective gears suggested by the chemical’s manufacturer. While doing the process, make sure that the water is getting poured by the acid and NOT vice versa. After that, mix the mixture into a 2 gallon pump along with the plastic parts. Adding water will allow you to manage the color’s intensity.

Apply the acid stain to the floor. Keep the spray wand around 18” away from the surface. You can create arbitrary patterns while doing the process. Make the floor completely wet without plashes. After the first coating, wait for 1 hour to apply the second coat. You can continue this process until you reach your desired floor color.

Make the stain neutral. Do this by spraying the applied surface with 4 parts water: 1 part ammonia of mixture. You can use a two-gallon plastic pump sprayer to easily complete this process.

Clean the Floor. You can use a rug or a mop. You can vacuum additional water on the surface.

Seal the surface. There are different types of sealers in the market depending on the recommendations of manufacturers.

Cover parts of your house. To prevent smearing chemicals to unwanted parts of your house, cover the walls and lower parts of the cabinet with masking paper. Don’t forget to clean the surface before application.

Apply the water-based stain to the floor. You can use any tool to apply the stain to the floor. You can choose a spray bottle, watering can, pump sprayers and even paint brushes. Don’t forget to wear necessary protective gears like masks and goggles.

Leave the stain to work. Make sure that no one will get in contact with the newly stained floor. This can result to an ugly permanent mark on the surface.

How To Build a Budget Man Cave

Man Cave

What pops into our head when we hear the words “man cave”? Taking the words literally may have probably led you to think of a hollow place where the Homo genus have lived thousands of years ago. But fortunately, we now live in the modern age where a man cave in the house is a must-have for the big boys to chill out, play games and relax. And if you are one of those men out there who dreams about building their own breathing space, there are tons of ideas out to help you make it a reality.

Find your Spot

If you have a small room reserved for your dream man cave ever since you moved into your home, then there wouldn’t be much of a problem looking for a space. But what if you don’t have a spare room? Hunting for the right spot in the house can be difficult but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Consider taking some of the space in your attic or basement or the small area under your staircase if there is any. Or if you have a large bedroom with ample space to throw in a couch, a mini fridge for the sodas, an entertainment table for the Smart TV and your gaming consoles and you are quite comfortable with having some dividers around to seclude the area then you’re good to go! But then of course, if you’re a happily married man, some negotiations may be required with the woman in the house. Getting your own man cave in exchange for doing the groceries on the weekend, maybe? [1]

Consider your Activities

Are you looking to reserve your man cave for your workout sessions? Or are you thinking about holding a once in a month boys’ night out at your place to play some console games? Think about how much space you will need to get everything you want in one place. If you love watching movies, you may set it up with your own theater system. If you play the guitar, you may set up your own studio or practice area. Remember, it’s your personal space and you get to pick out what you want in there.

Get your Creative Juices Working

How do you decorate your man cave? The answer is pretty simple: it’s your call. Decorate your man cave based on your interests and hobbies. It doesn’t hurt to paint the wall a nice color or pin up some of your treasured basketball posters as a display. Do you have tons of trophies? Set up your own display shelf and get your own bragging rights for them. [2] If in case your creative juices aren’t able to do their job, there are tons of inspiration out there on the internet. You may also ask for some suggestions from your brothers too.

Having your own personal space lets you express yourself and do what you love in one place at the same time. It’s the essence and benefit of having one, so why not get your tools and stuff ready and start building your own man cave today?



Tips For Buying Luxury House In Atlanta

Luxury Home in Atlanta

Buying a luxury house in Atlanta and the surrounding areas can be a challenging task. Rates of Atlanta real-estate vary significantly. There is a lot more to buy a home than signing your name on the dotted line.The various factors associated with buying a house can be overwhelming without the assist of the skilled professional.

In a genuine estate deal, the seller works by way of a Listing Broker to market and sell a home. The Listing Broker is lawfully obligated to represent that seller’s interests. If you are in the market to purchase, then it’s in your best interest to enlist the solutions of a Buyer’s Agent to represent your requirements and interests.

A buyer’s agent who cares about their long term business would like you to definitely get the best deal feasible. Why? Whenever you visit purchase a bigger house in five years or so why you would not call the agent who helped you get an excellent offer in your present house? It is just that easy.

Tips for buying a luxury house in Atlanta:

  • A home that’s oriented to make the most of the sun, wind and also geography costs less to heat and funky which can help you save considerably on utility bills.
  • Buying a home whose style is distinctively individual tends to reduce, not increase, its resale value because the home will appeal to some more restricted audience of possible buyers.
  • The 3 most popular exterior wall options are brick, wooden siding and stucco. About fifty percent of all house shoppers prefer brick for exterior walls; about one-third prefer wooden siding; and about one-fifth favor stucco.
  • Always think resale value and location, place when buying your Atlanta house.
  • When interest rates are reduced, opt for a fixed price mortgage.
  • You can deduct on that years tax return, factors paid by you because the Buyer or paid by the Seller on your behalf for your purchase of your personal home.
  • If the current proprietor features a title insurance policy lower than three years old, you can have significant savings by purchasing a reissue of that policy instead of a totally new one.
  • Check out Wikipedia to discover concerning the well-known and essential locations in Atlanta.


You will find lots of luxury real estate houses and property in the Atlanta region. A great real estate agent will know exactly where these properties are, and so they can advise their client on how to purchase them at a considerably lower price.

Are you in the market for luxurious houses for sale in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Cumming, Milton, Buckhead as well as Roswell?

Explore online websites today for tips as well as an up-to-date listing of accessible, luxurious houses within this region.

Simple Tips On How To Plant a Home Garden

Plant Home Garden

Gardening takes a lot of time. Most of the gardeners realize that, and know that it takes a lot of effort just to make a plant grow; yet they find it very fulfilling. Follow the listed directions below if you plan to grow a garden that you always dreamed of.

If you are planning to grow different kinds of plants, make a schedule and definitely do it. Write down how often every plant should be watered. Also, write down the exact date that you plan to add some nutrients in each plant’s soil. This is very important so that you can keep track of the plant’s growth.

Write all the things that you need to do every day on your calendar. You can also add weeding to the schedule. The schedule will definitely keep you on the right track while you are trying to grow a nice garden. Moreover, if you are just new to gardening, making a precise schedule is great to make all things organized. This will also prove to be beneficial once you started to reap the fruits of your labor in the future.

Now that you know what you’re going to do, you will need to get all the necessary supplies. Make sure you have everything you’ll need, including fertilizer, seeds, garden tools such as trowels, shovels, cultivators, etc., a hose or watering can, and whatever else you think you’ll need.

Now you are ready to finally start gardening. First draw out where you want your garden, and then start digging it up. Use a tiller if you have one or your other garden tools to break up the dirt and soil. Take out all the roots, rocks, and things that don’t belong.

When the soil is broken up and cleared out, add the fertilizer or dirt from a compost. If you keep your own compost pile you will have lots of great soil full of nutrients.

When your garden is all set, you are ready to plan seeds or plants. I prefer to plant seeds beforehand in small trays early in the season and let them grow into plants, then replant them. This way you can be sure they will survive and that you will only plant the strongest ones.

Now read the pack for you, see packets for the directions. Plant them at the time specified and water them accordingly. Be sure to weed the garden every day or at least several times a week. The longer you wait the more it will get out of hand and the likeliest the plants you want won’t survive.



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Organizing Your Pantry For Efficiency

Kitchen Pantry

Organizing your pantry will be helpful in achieving a high level of efficiency in your house. Achieving efficiency works if you know where your go-to items are located, and you have a system in place for restocking your pantry as necessary. To achieve this, consider the following easy steps:

Cultivate the interest

It’s likely that you have been tempted to put pantry organization on hold until an appropriate time. If you’re to be persuaded to do it immediately, consider the following benefits;

  • It will save you money since you will no longer buy what you do not need. It will be possible to know what you have on hand and the number of items in storage.
  • It will save time because you know where everything is stored. You will stop hunting through cabinets to locate items since you have stored items conveniently in the respective spaces you expect them to be.
  • Meal planning and grocery shopping will be made easier.
  • Cooking will become easier since storing items in most efficient spaces translates to less time wasted running around the kitchen to locate items.
  • It will make it easier for family members and guests to find what they are looking for.
  • A tidy pantry will make cleaning easier and pleasant.

De-clutter the pantry

Ensure that you’ve a plan on de-cluttering the pantry as well as keeping it clutter-free. One way of de-cluttering is to start with taking stock of what you have, items that you use, and identify items which are just taking up space.

Proper arrangement of items

A more efficient way to arrange things is to arrange them by use.

Identify storage solutions for your pantry

Kitchen storage solutions come in handy when you are struggling for more space.

Maintain your pantry organization

After achieving the perfect pantry organization, consider a plan to maintain it. You can follow a daily, weekly or even monthly routine to keep everything clutter-free and organized.

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Beginners Guide For Buying Mobile Home Parts

Moblle Home Parts

Are you looking for where to buy mobile home parts? One of the best places where you can get amazing deals when it comes to mobile home parts is online. However, purchasing mobile homes online is not a walk at the park especially when you are doing so for the first time. In the discussion below, we have outlined simple tips that will help in shopping for a mobile home.

First impressions count

When looking for a mobile home, you cannot afford to ignore the first impressions. It is easy to determine whether the mobile home has been taken care of as well as maintained properly. Unless you have plans of remodeling the home, ensure that you look for one in good condition. In other words, ensure that you buy a safe and sturdy home.

Inspect the home

You need to understand some of the things that define a good mobile home before hitting any of the online stores to buy. Take your time to read more about the home before making your payments so that you do not regret the decision you are going to make. If you are not sure, ask for advice from a professional.

Does the home pass the necessary construction codes?

Each state has it regulations as far as mobile home construction is concerned. it is wise to look at the laws that govern construction in your state before you purchase mobile home parts from online stores.

Do doors and windows close properly?

You need to find out whether the doors and windows close before accepting the product you are going to receive from the dealer. If the interior or kitchen doors of the house are going to close properly, you will end up with an unlevel home. This means that you should carefully look at these parts before making your final decision.

How To Build a Beautiful Cosmetics Make-up Vanity Mirror

Makeup MerriorMornings are the time of day, which are much more hectic and when you need to get ready for your day, you’d want a couple of and glorious moments on your own, that will only make sure a great day. Well, for ladies, make-up mirror can play an excellent role in that. Putting on your make-up and getting ready in a jiffy or inside a place that’s fairly a crowded corner of your bathroom can extremely well ruin your would-be-perfect day. Nevertheless, a couple of make-up mirror ideas can sure enhance not just your mornings, however your whole day also. You might either install a ready-made makeup desk or choose from a couple of cool and stylish Do-it-yourself suggestions for the same.

How to build a makeup vanity mirror?

First of all, you may wish to believe about things that may make your makeup mirror an excellent utility for you within the hectic mornings. You can either select to set up a Do-it-yourself makeup desk in whichever way you find comfortable for you as well as in whatever corner you want it to become. You can set up your makeup mirror in your bathroom or perhaps a selective corner of your bedroom. What ever place you select, it ought to be 1 that may offer you with adequate space that you simply require to get ready for your day.

Some types of makeup mirror:

  • Lavish Black Corner Makeup mirror
  • DIY Makeup mirror in Bed room
  • Black Makeup mirror along with Storage Drawer
  • Compact Female Makeup mirror
  • Makeup mirror with Sufficient Storage
  • Compact White Makeup mirror along with Glass Top
  • Luxurious Walk-in Closet Makeup mirror Idea
  • DIY IKEA Attached To The Wall Makeup mirror
  • Corner White Makeup desk having an Independent Storage
  • Luxurious Black Makeup desk with Large Mirror as well as Storage

Different websites offer you the best offers so far as makeup desks are concerned. Nevertheless, you are able to also utilize any antique and unused stuff you’ve in your home. Check out Wikipedia to discover a lot more info about antique makeup desks.

Save Money Painting Your Bedroom Walls with These DIY Tips

Paint Bedroom

Being inspired to redecorate is endless! It can also be really expensive. Therefore, one of the ways to save up money for a bedroom redecoration is by doing it yourself. Here are some useful tips on how to paint room on a budget.

Find a recycling center near you. Old and unused paint is one of the many recyclable materials recycling and hazardous waste centers sell. Paint doesn’t have expiry dates and, therefore, they are still in good quality if purchased. Not only you can buy paint for a lower price, you can also have it for free!

Visit your local hardware stores from time to time. If your place doesn’t have recycling and hazardous waste centers, you can try your local hardware stores. From time to time, visit them and inquire if they have affordable paint available. Some hardware stores even have sections for old paints they sell for half a price.

Choose the ideal paint. Not all expensive paints generate good results and not every cheap paint create bad outcomes. Make an extensive review of paint products you want to use. You can inquire from experienced painters, read reviews on the internet and even ask your adult neighbors. However, there are expensive paints which allow you to apply it to the wall less frequently which is a good way to save money on paint.

Use Primer. Primer isn’t always necessary except for walls made out of raw wood and drywall as well stained and rough walls. For dark paints and significant replacing of wall colors, the primer is also needed. We recommend you to buy 1 coat of primer and 1 coat of paint.

Learn how to paint a room [1]. Never rush the prep work before paint. You don’t want to spend more money on cleaning mistakes, drips, and spills or doing the thing all over again. Learn how to paint like a pro before it’s too late and you ruin your own bedroom.

Purchase tools and materials in large quantity. If you buy 5 gallons of paint, you’ll probably get one for free. Buying one color to paint for your wall is also cheaper compared to purchasing rainbow colors.

Safety First. If you’re using paint or any other harsh materials for your bedroom walls, make sure you are wearing protective gears like goggles and masks. You also need to open the doors and windows of the room while painting to keep it ventilated. Better now than say sorry.
Now the painting job is done, we also present you some good wall decorating ideas for your bedroom [2].